Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Big O Pizzaria

We had our 8th snow day on Friday, UGGG! So technically that was our second day of summer vacation since we now are tacking make up days to the end of our school year. This momma has officially reached the bottom of her bag of tricks to beat the boredom. This is a project that The Hubs and I have said that we wanted to try, for years.The roads were just clear enough that I made a trip to our local Farm Boy market. I had never been there before, so there was a lot of guess work in buying my supplies. We now know exactly what we need. Thanks to my dear friend, Mandy, who we stole the idea from. It worked great and we'll do it again for sure.

To get started, these two had to go to doggy prison, they didn't like it.

While The Hubs and I started organizing supplies . . . .

. . . these two started ripping foil sheets. Yes, they fought the whole time. Yes, I almost screamed "forget it!". But we carried on . . . .

We did four sets of six pizzas. I also made the executive decision to keep it simple this first time. So all of our pizzas are pepperoni/sausage.

Ooops, we got a little side-tracked.

Round one, ding ding!

Some of us got a little creative.

After a couple of hours, we had 23 pizzas in the freezer, and . . . . .

Dinner in the oven.