Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Breathe

It is that crazy time of year again. Every year in early November I start getting excited for the holidays. I start planning and making my lists (yes I check them twice), I start looking for new recipes, you know all the things a Domestic Diva should do. Then reality sets in. I feel like I'm living in the scene on "Shrek the Halls" where everybody is all comfy and cozy and then they open the front door and there are people running in all directions screaming "I forgot the eggnog!" I know I do this to myself, I need to force myself to slow down, to enjoy the little things, like making candy with Kennedy today. But it is hard. We live in a crazy world and if you slow down sometimes you get ran over. I wish I could get it through my thick head that if I got ran over, at least I'd get to lay down and rest for a second.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Creativity

Since Ashley issued her crafting "cage match", I was compelled to add my own "moves". I blogged earlier in the week about the awesome aprons my mom made for us girls at Thanksgiving. I added a close-up picture so you can see how awesome they really are. I love mine so much and I will keep it forever! Dad and John can make fun all they want, but it is truley a Christmas treasure for me. The other two pictures are my projects. I know they pale in comparison, but mom and I have this student/master thing going. One day I will be at master level. The runner idea I got from Family Fun magazine. They used burlap for a turkey day runner. I had this white fabric that is a little stiffer than burlap, mom didn't even know what is was. The red fabric has tiny little snowflakes on it. I had sewed the band of snowflakes on and then lined the entire runner. My only regret is that I didn't make it about 10" longer, but hey I'm learning. These are great projects for me to get used to my machine. I'm having a blast! The picture of the gifts I took because I was playing with my new camera. I love to make my gifts a part of the decorations. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I take so much time wrapping, but I love doing it. Most people think I had them wrapped at the store, but no, I do the gifts especially for the recipient. My mom started this a few years back which then got me started (notice a pattern here). John makes fun, but last year he wrapped my presents and put bows on them for me. They really didn't match and they were a little "off", but I loved every single one, it made me very happy to open a gift that he put extra time into. I wish I had taken a picture of them. Happy Crafting!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ho ho aprons!

This year at Thanksgiving mom surprised me, Grandma and Linda with matching Christmas aprons. My dad was so relieved they were for us, he was worried she would make him wear one! The aprons are so cute. She hand pieced them together with sequins, beads, feathers, and even hand-stitched swirls on the beards. We decided we probably can't wash them, but who cares, we'll spot clean them. Kennedy's nose was a little out of joint because she couldn't find a red apron to fit a little girl. As soon as we find one, Kennedy will get an apron too. What fun we had in our matching aprons!