Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Creativity

Since Ashley issued her crafting "cage match", I was compelled to add my own "moves". I blogged earlier in the week about the awesome aprons my mom made for us girls at Thanksgiving. I added a close-up picture so you can see how awesome they really are. I love mine so much and I will keep it forever! Dad and John can make fun all they want, but it is truley a Christmas treasure for me. The other two pictures are my projects. I know they pale in comparison, but mom and I have this student/master thing going. One day I will be at master level. The runner idea I got from Family Fun magazine. They used burlap for a turkey day runner. I had this white fabric that is a little stiffer than burlap, mom didn't even know what is was. The red fabric has tiny little snowflakes on it. I had sewed the band of snowflakes on and then lined the entire runner. My only regret is that I didn't make it about 10" longer, but hey I'm learning. These are great projects for me to get used to my machine. I'm having a blast! The picture of the gifts I took because I was playing with my new camera. I love to make my gifts a part of the decorations. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I take so much time wrapping, but I love doing it. Most people think I had them wrapped at the store, but no, I do the gifts especially for the recipient. My mom started this a few years back which then got me started (notice a pattern here). John makes fun, but last year he wrapped my presents and put bows on them for me. They really didn't match and they were a little "off", but I loved every single one, it made me very happy to open a gift that he put extra time into. I wish I had taken a picture of them. Happy Crafting!!

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Woodard Gang said...

VERY CUTE!! And I love your firefly fabric on your chairs...I almost bought that in red/gold. You go girl!!