Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Sweet Saylor

My poor, sweet, Saylor. She just hates these long boring days when the kids are at school. They are so horribly mean to her. They close their bedroom doors every day when they leave. For some reason the kids (Kennedy especially) doesn't appreciate the fact that Saylor loving gnaws on their toys. We've sent one biddy baby to the American Girl Doll Hospital for limb replacement. The kids don't understand it is out of pure love and contentment that she burrows down in their stuffed animals for a 9 hour nap (we should have named her ET). They don't understand that a dirty sock is just a reminder to Saylor that her peeps will be home soon. Now dirty underwear, that is a treasure to her. They don't even realize that she changes beds several times at night to take turns sleeping with each of them. They never know that in the mornings before I wake them up, she sits outside their doors and sniffs and whines. They never know how many times a day she goes to their bedrooms and looks for them. They never know her excitement when she sees them coming up the sidewalk in the afternoons. They never know the unconditional love she has for them.

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