Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to school

I've not been very good at keeping up my blog this summer. It seems that this summer has flown by. I'm pretty ready for the kids to be back in school. I'm sure at this point that people with more than 2 kid are rolling their eyes right now. I am craving some sort of routine. We seem to run crazy all summer long, stay up too late, sleep in too long. Is it wrong of me to be ready for school to begin? Just for a few moments of quiet, sweet, sweet quiet. Just for one day of a clean (enough)house. Just for one moment to have an uninterupted thought.

Of course, I got all that on Wednesday when the kids went back to school. I spent the morning doing laundry, mopping floors, went to Wal-Mart and worked on pendants.

I spent the afternoon (with my uninterupted thoughts) staring at the clock, counting the minutes until they came back home. I emailed the Hubs once to see if he had seen them and how were they. I couldn't wait for them to get here to tell me everything about their day. I really missed them.

But it was nice, for a short time.

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