Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty + Practical = Perfect

I love paper. Ok it's out there, I LOVE PAPER! I'm very guilty of buying beautiful papers and sitting at home swooning over them, but fearful of using them. So they sit! Here are some of my pretties now for you to swoon over:

I know, right? (In my best Monica voice).
Here's a little secret, I love this kind of paper too, but hate this word, practical. On a side note, you're welcome Sam Walton, I hope your descents are enjoying the royalties that my household alone gives them. Anywhoo . . . .

I get these at Sam's for under $6, this is half the package. They also come in the large 8.5"x11" pads too, but these are the ones that I use the most. Now look at this beautiful union of pretty and practical paper.

I left a few of them in practical mode for The Hubs. He could care less if it's pretty or not, but practical . . . . have I told you the story about the headboard?

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