Friday, April 24, 2009

In honor of Earth Day: My Recycling Project

This week was Earth Day and we were blessed with beautiful weather! I was desperate for a project that would get me outside and kept thinking, "what can I paint?" I had a spot in my dining room that was driving me crazy. I just couldn't figure out what to put there. Look at it, it will drive you crazy too:

I was nosing around on Blue Castle's blog (you can click on it to the right, sorry, I haven't figured out how to embed links to my postings), and she is re-doing her front porch. I stole this idea from her like a thief in the night . . . Several years ago, the hubs replaced an old rotting, wooden garage door with a sparkling new one (he's good to me). I managed to wrestle him to the ground and save the panel that had the windows. Amid much grumbling and eye rolling he broke out the saw and separated them for me. Next I did the 'ol 1995 crackle job, hung picture wire and just hung them on the wall. Here is how they turned out:

They were just ok. So this week I sanded them down, and painted them glossy black. Next I got online and ordered 8x10's of the kids from Sam's online. I then called the best friend on earth, who I might add was having the most "terrible, horrible, no good, worstest day of her life" and asked her to stop by Sam's and grab my pictures for me. (Thank you Lovey!) I then mounted them evenly on the glass. Next came the worst part, measuring and leveling. I hate that part. Entire project cost less then $8.00, I had everything but the pictures. Now look at that spot in my dining room. . . .

Happy Earth Day! Recycle, look how beautiful it can be.

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Woodard Gang said...

Very very cute!! It's looks great in there!