Monday, April 13, 2009

It really has nothing to do with a rabbit . . .

This year was one of the best Easters yet. I have to start out by bragging a little about my family. I am so proud of how they respect the Lent season. Everyone stayed true to their Lenten promises, with no nagging or pushing from me. John and I decided a long time ago that our kids would carve their own way in this world with gentle guidance from us. I have never forced my children to make a sacrifice during Lent, but every year they humble me with their eagerness to participate. Although temptation is always there, they stay true every year. I promised John that I would really cut back on my spending this year and I'm proud to say I did. I really focused on the purpose of the season. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us and I have to be honest, it is so hard for me to wrap my brain around. He made those sacrifices for me. Me! Why me?

I was so proud of my son on Good Friday when he said to me "Hey Mom, you know what happened at 3:00 today, don't you?" I have to be honest I didn't know it was at 3:00. "Jesus died for us, can you believe it?" I was so taken aback that a 10 year old had that running through his mind on that morning. After all, he got out of school early, we were going to the movies that night, the Easter Bunny was coming the next night. There were so many other things I expected him to say. You know what, that's my kid, and I'm so proud of him!

As you have already read and as you can see in the pictures, it really has nothing to do with a rabbit. It is about sacrifice and love and joy. It is about family.

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Woodard Gang said...

Amen! Kids can be pretty amazing can't they?